Everest Metro Canine Program Welcomes Aron to the Team

Beginning in December 2012, with the anticipated retirement of our police canine, Lord, we started fund raising for a replacement canine, the related equipment, ongoing maintenance, and training for a new canine handler, at an anticipated cost of $25,000.00. After numerous contributions from local businesses, residents, and DC Everest student fund raisers, as well as grants from the BA and Esther Greenheck Foundation, of Wausau, and the K9s4COPs Foundation of Houston, Texas, we have secured the necessary funds, acquired a new canine, and sent the new handler through training, which will be completed May 17.

A media event was held on May 23, 2013 publicly acknowledging the donors to the EMPD Canine Program.

The attendees watched as Lord, the retiring canine and his partner, Sgt Robert Dickerson passed the torch to Aron, and his partner Officer Matthew Krembs.

Everest Metro Police Chief

Wally Sparks

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